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Aerial Lift  -  Forklift  -  Boathoist (Straddlelift) Courses
This course will enable your personnel to safely operate all types of aerial lifts (forklifts; boathoists), increase productivity and comply to Federal regulations.
- Applicable OSHA/ANSI/ASME standards
- Record requirements for daily, monthly, yearly inspections
- Safe operating procedures
Aerial Lift (Forklift - Boathoist) Operator Courses
1 - 2  day AERIAL LIFT OPERATOR, classroom, hands-on

1 - 2  day FORKLIFT OPERATOR, classroom, hands-on

1 - 2  day BOATHOIST OPERATOR, classroom, hand-on 
                        Do's                           and                             Don'ts
OSHA 1910.67: "Only trained persons shall operate an aerial lift"
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included: manuals,wallet card valid for 3 years