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Rigger / Signal Person
The course meets the qualification requirement for OSHA 29 CFR Part 1926.1400.
- OSHA/ASME standards
- Inspection criteria
- Rigging procedures
- Determining load weight
- Sling loading / angles
- Lifting personnel
- Standard hand and voice signals
Rigger / Signal Person Courses
1  -  day "Qualified" Rigger & Signal Person classroom, hands-on 
2  -  day "Certified"  Rigger & Signal Person classroom, hands-on, CIC exam
3  -  day   Master Rigger & Signal Person classroom, hands-on, CIC exam

In compliance with OSHA construction 
All courses include rigging book; wallet card (valid for 5 years); written/practical exam; as applicable
CIC provides the exam for the Accredited Certifications
How to recognize immediate and potential hazards
Customized courses and safety seminar presentations available.
Additional Rigging Books on request.
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