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Tower Crane Certification
written & practical exam
EXPERIENCE DOES COUNT ! Can you instructor say that on the first day of work, in 1968, he had to grind down welds on newly fabricated anti-2-block switches ? Does he have factory training from Grove, P&H, Gottwald and Demag, became accredited by OSHA to perform crane and lifting gear inspection & certification ? Published a "Offshore Handbook" for cranes while living in Dubai, for Chevron (Nigeria). Was inspector and instructor for CraneTech in Tampa and National Crane Sevices in Orlando for over 12 years ? Is your instructor nationally certified as Rigger/Signalperson and certified as crane operator for all types and capacities, by NCCCO and CIC ?
Kissimmee Crane School's instructor is !

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November 9, 2013  Sanford, Florida
The Kissimmee Crane School crew at  the Crane Operator Rodeo, hosted by Crane Institute of America. the Florida Crane Owner's Council, and M&P Specialty Insurance.

As far as we know, Hans was the only Instructor/Examiner participating actively in the CRANE OPERATOR Skills CHAMPIONSHIP , in any of the Regional Qualifiers. 
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Operator Training

4-week course 

covering crane operator qualification & certification plus qualified rigger/signalperson

OSHA 29 CFR 1926.1400

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