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A must for overhead & gantry crane and hoist operators. This course complies with OSHA/ASME standards for cab-, pendant-, and radio-remote operated lifting equipment.
-OSHA/ASME/CMAA regulations
- Do's and Don'ts of operations
- Inspection criteria and record keeping
- Wire rope/chain applications
- Hand and voice signals
- Tandem lift procedures
- Basic rigging
Overhead/Hoist Operator Courses
- overhead cranes - gantry cranes - hoists - monorails - jib cranes - pedestal cranes -
2 - day HOIST OPERATOR classroom, hands-on
3 - day OVERHEAD/GANTRY CRANE OPERATOR classroom, hands-on
4/5 - day OVERHEAD CRANE classroom, hands-on,written & practical CIC exam*
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers EM 385-1-1 Change 6  5 July 2011
Initial and refresher courses for Class I and Class II operators
16.B.03a Option 1* or 16.B.03b Option 2
*CIC Nationally Accredited Certification for Overhead Crane Operators is being finalized at this time. Please contact us for further details and availabilty.
On site courses, customized to your company's specific requirements. Classroom and hands-on training with your equipment and special lifting gear.
KIA, West Point, GA